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Welcome to my website.

On this site you will find a selection of my writing, on a range of subjects: philosophy, politics, art, finance and social business. Some of this work has been published elsewhere and some of which is only available here. Each time a new piece of writing is added to the site it will also be profiled on this page. The work has been divided into three categories.

Shorter pieces are classified as articles
Longer pieces are classified as essays
Pieces that comment specifically on the work of others are classified as reviews

The site was launched in January 2009. I hope you find it interesting. If you want to send me comments about the site or about my work please contact me. Click here if you want to know more about me.


Latest addition
The Austrian School of Economics has in recent decades become closely associated with conservative and libertarian politics in the US. Its origins, however, in the final quarter of the nineteenth century, were rooted in progressive liberal politics, and they formed part of a concerted attempt to reform the economic policies of the Habsburg Empire. Over the past 150 years, the Austrian School has become increasingly influential in economic theory, and in the wider social sciences. Read my review of Janek Wasserman's book, The Marginal Revolutionaries here.

I have also added an article that I recently wrote for the Essence of Water website, called Books.

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